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  • I'd have to say the four and a half years I have lived here I have gone to sushi restaurants all over Portland and there's only a couple I really prefer this place their food is fresh they do really good job and they have a food conveyor belt that they put the sushi on you can just grab it so if you're looking to eat quickly at a restaurant you could do that or just order something to go but this is one of the better sushi restaurants I've been to

    Daniel H. Avatar
    Daniel H.

    Food is amazing. Their sushi is my favorite. Only reason I’m giving it 3 stars is because the last time we ate there, the service wasn’t the best- they forgot a lot of our food & our dinner came before our apps/sushi. Not to mention, we ordered hibachi take out twice & both times it barely came with protein. Just ordered takeout again & it took an hour to make 4 rolls— waited a half hour in the restaurant because they forgot my order from when I had called.

    Cheyenne W. Avatar
    Cheyenne W.

    Great food! Jared the bar tender was awesome. Highly recommend

    jeffrey w. Avatar
    jeffrey w.

    Place it self is 10/10, food however lacks a little flavor. Would I go again? Probably the staff is super nice!

    Sofiya K. Avatar
    Sofiya K.

    Best of the best around Happy Valley. However they do have room for improvement.

    The amount of rice used for nigiri is a bit too much. Rice was not very seasoned, but the fresh and delicate fish made up for it. Presentation was fantastic, but can be a bit overdone for some customers. They are a bit rusty now that they are back in business post-pandemic.

    Despite all this, their fish is fresh, rice is not overcooked, and it's a clean restaurant with boujee vibes. This sushi restaurant is highly recommended and I'll be back.

    Michael M. Avatar
    Michael M.

    The sunny side roll (minus the cream cheese) was really good. The spicy sauce is fantastic, make sure you get a side of it to put on everything! I would skip the salt and pepper calamari, we ordered it and it was not edible, it was extremely dry and the actual calamari was so hard I couldn't chew through it, they did the right thing and removed it off the bill though. So I only took 1 star off for it.

    Messy Avatar
  • Excellent sushi and seafood ramen, definitely going back.

    Cooperfam Avatar

    The food is delicious they hook it up size wise🤤 they have some of the best prices I've seen for a sushi joint. The host was super helpful, courteous and overall quite pleasant. The look to this establishment inside is super poppy I can't wait to check it out when they are completely open👐🍣 for now order to your hearts content💕 the calamari is grand🤙

    bethlehymn h. Avatar
    bethlehymn h.

    Really lovely fresh fish, even for a Sunday. I wish they had a few more kinds of specialty rolls-- the menu is heavy on the deep fried, cream cheese kind of rolls, while I prefer lighter, fresher rolls. But the sashimi and nigiri were delicious, and the price was terrific.
    They are still closed for dining in, but the ambiance is lovely making it a good date spot once the dining room reopens.

    Allison M. Avatar
    Allison M.

    Used to be super amazing before covid! I used to come in two to three times a month, but now the last few times that I ordered the ribeye dinner it has been over cooked when ordered medium.

    Nicholas R. Avatar
    Nicholas R.

    Been coming here since I was in high school, just shy of 30. Always has the freshest sushi. And always amazing service. I love this place I don’t even eat sushi at any other place.

    Samantha V. Avatar
    Samantha V.

    I thought i had the wrong order when i was handed the bag - it was so heavy! I got home and began pulling the items out, and started trying them one by one. I was fully expecting acceptable sushi that was quality you would expect for a good value, as their prices are a bit lower than many sushi restaurants. I was blown away by how amazing every roll i ordered tasted! The unagi (eel) was PERFECTLY cooked. Tender but still with some firmness. It may have been some of the best sushi ive had in the portland area - it was on par with sushi i have happily paid 2-3 times as much for.

    Great prices, great food, great service. I will be going out of my way to come back here.

    Eric Avatar
  • I regularly arrive purchasing some food in this place. I loved the prompt service and well prepared food. Highly recommended.

    Mosya M. Avatar
    Mosya M.

    such good food .. a lil spendy but you definitely get what you pay for.

    D V. Avatar
    D V.

    I tried this place before with my friend and I am obsessed since then. I love the excellent atmosphere and delicious food and drinks. I recommend this place.

    E S. Avatar
    E S.

    One of my favorite places to grab something to eat. great location, well kept, and fantastic service. Keep it up!

    Amie D. Avatar
    Amie D.



all orders will be packaged hot and ready to eat in the confort of your own home.

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