Come and enjoy the unique sushi and seafood at Fuji’s dining adventure. Watch as our personal chefs entertain you while preparing various selections of steak and seafood right at your table. Choices include Filet Mignon, Rib-Eye and Flat-Iron cuts of Steak. Premium hand-cut Poultry options and an array of seafood including Sea Scallops, Tiger Prawns, Calamari and Rock Lobster, served with drawn butter. Yet that’s only half the experience…

Fuji’s also features Portland’s best full-service & revolving sushi bar featuring the highest quality and freshest seafood in the region. Expertly crafted Maki and Nigiri sushi, golden crisp Tempura, generous cuts of Sashimi and sizable appetizer menu to satisfy all your curiosities.

And for those who enjoy a drink with your meal or maybe looking for one after work, we have a lounge with a full complement of Premium Vodka, Scotch and other popular Spirits as well as various Sake and Wine selections to accompany your next dining. We offer a multitude of service options including custom Catering and Banquet options, Take-Out dining and our exciting new Online Ordering and Delivery to accommodate all your needs.

Order your favorite sauce here… Fuji’s Sauce!…

Creamy Garlic Aioli, a perfect condiment for sandwiches, burgers, BBQ, steak, seafood or as a dipping sauce for wings, chips, fries or just about anything imaginable! So versatile it’s also great for sushi, tempura and many other Japanese dishes.

Three words to sum it up:

“Quite simply… Irresistible”

Order Fujis Sauce